Rainbow Riches Slot Game At Sky Vegas.

f you have been finding it rather stressful to travel across the Atlantic to Las Vegas, there is good news for you. You can enjoy most of the games in Las Vegas casinos from the comfort of your seat at home. At Sky Vegas, you choose to enjoy from a variety of games which are considered prime by most casino frequenters. Some of the exciting games offered include Slot Games, Instant win games, Table Games, Community Games among others. These games are available to you on the phone, TV and computer.

However, Slot Games are among the most popular at Sky Vegas. Amongst the popular favorites of Slot Games is Rainbow Riches. This game has made Sky Vegas the most interesting feature that can keep you busy all day and every day.

One thing that makes Rainbow Riches game among the most popular at Sky Vegas is the fact that you can access it almost anywhere. You can imagine accessing your road to riches whenever you want and wherever you want. It is available directly on various mobile platforms. You can play it on the mobile phone, iPad, Android or iPhone.

If you are still wondering why Rainbow Riches is popular at Sky Vegas, here is why. It is an online slot game which gives you a maximum of 20 winning lines on each spin. This is quite a number of chances you have to make your way to riches. This slot sensation game is a gift that Sky Vegas gave to their online clients.
Sky Vegas is without doubt the best place to play Rainbow Riches online. They were the original owners of the rights to the game and have paid out more than anyone in Rainbow Riches jackpots. Today they are offering a double bonus for all new players. Claim your free bonuses today from Sky and let the fun begin!
Not only does it offer you up to 20 lines to win on every spin, it also has a record jackpot of £200,000. This makes Rainbow Riches a vastly accessible game for people who have different budgets. All that is thanks to the fact that it has very flexible controls. In other words, you must not be rich for you to enjoy this online slot game. What is more is that imagination of how much your life could change once you hit the jackpot of £200,000.

When playing this game, you have the option to choose how many lines to engage, including the stakes you place on each line. Normally, they range from £1 to £20. Furthermore, you can get a feel of the Irish adventure by playing the free Rainbow riches. This means that you will play it at no charges. Once you get the feel and you find the slot game interesting and you ready to try your luck, you may then choose to pay. This is one thing that you cannot get anywhere else apart from the online Rainbow riches at Sky Vegas. As a matter of fact, very few casinos will allow you to play a game just for you to get the sensation. Normally, it is time to make money and they will be busy serving customers who are ready to place their bets. Therefore, if you are still inexperienced, this could be the place for you.

Getting to see the petit Leprechaun while play could mean substantial round of luck for you. If you get between three and five symbols of Leprechaun will mean the kick-start of your Roads to Riches, normally a bonus round, which comes with a trail that could easily multiply your stakes. This means that Rainbow Riches gives you more opportunities within which you could win.

Check out a couple of videos capturing the moment when a jackpot is won!
Other symbols in Rainbow Riches include Pots of Gold and Wishing Well. Well, with these symbols, three is a significant figure as it is a lucky number in the two symbols. When you get the bonus known as Wishing Well, you will be invited to choose a well, which normally has a multiplier, further raising your stakes closer to the jackpot. The other bonus known as Pots of Gold could spin you to Bronze or Silver. However, if you were lucky on that day, this very bonus could spin you directly to the ending of the Rainbow, consequently taking you to a multiplier stake known as Gold Pot.

It is also easy to play Rainbow Riches slot game either on your phone or computer. One can select the number of lines on each spin by simply using the Up and down keys. Thereafter, you will just have to hit the spin button for the reels to start rolling. The same case applies to choosing the stakes per line and playing. As if that is not enough, there is the Autospin function which will keep the game rolling until when you will feel like doing it yourself. You will simply have to push the pause button and take charge of things.

With such functions, Rainbow Riches slot game as offered online by Sky Vegas is very interactive and easy to use. It does not matter whether you are a new player or an experienced one. It is easy to find your way around it. In addition, the Free Rainbow Riches allows you to learn all the navigation keys before you decide to take on the real thing. Therefore, unlike the conventional slot games offered in casinos, you will get more time to practice and familiarize yourself with this game.

In playing Rainbow Riches, you have to learn on how you will choose your stake. Once you choose your stake, you can click 'spin’ to start the game. Alternatively, the Autospin function could do it for you. It will initiate each spin for you once the previous one gets over. It can do this over and over until something comes up in the game, which will need your direct intervention.

You can choose how many spins you want by using the '+’ and '-' buttons. These buttons will either amplify or reduce the number of stakes you intend to play on each line accordingly.

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By matching between three and five bonus symbols of leprechaun, you automatically qualify for the round bonus known as Road to Riches. For the bonus known as Wishing well, you have to get at least 3 of the wishing well symbols.
By all odds, the Rainbow Riches online slot game offered by Sky Vegas has an exceptional experience.